Our Members

Here have all members, also many members hide their profile from here.

When someone registered on Tahmids and upgrades their account, then they are recognised as a member of our platform. We give our members a lot of opportunities to be successful future for a very little amount,  only 2$ per month.

People when registered on Tahmids, then they are recognized as a client of our platform. We extremely recommended to upgrading their account to members. A member can get too many facilities for a very little amount, only 2$ per month.

At first, you need to register on Tahmids and go to the “Membership Feature” page from our footer (End of page) section. And then upgrade to your account on members, only for 2$ per month. If you decide you will be a member of Tahmids then your decision is best to get a successful future.

The instructions we have from the government are our terms & condition. Also we have some terms & conditions to become a member which you must accept. Please go to our Terms & Condition page to know our Terms & Condition.