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Why we asked those informations

Step 1

What is author username?
It will be determine who owns this post.

How can I find my username?
Why author name is required?

To sent all the activities of this post to the right owner.

Why contact Info is required?

Step 2

What is main Image?
The main image to improve the quality of a post in accordance with the rules of Google.

Why main Image is required?

What is a focus keyword?
What a customer writes a search engine to get a service is called a focus keyword.

How to write my focus keyword:
Step 1. Specified your focus keyword
Step 2. Research your keyword
Step 3. Select your main keyword
Step 4. Select your 4 related keyword

What is the blog title?
After searching come to some result and etch result have a headline and that is blog title

How do you write a blog title:
Step 1. Make it engaging
Step 2. Set the right expectations. 
Step 3. A blog title needs to be more descriptive than the title of a magazine article.
Step 4. Keep it short and sweet.
Step 5. Include a keyword but don’t go crazy.

What is a short description?
The short description is the Introduction of your content.

How to make a short description:
Step 1. Read your content
Step 2. Find an Introduction of your content
Step 3. This is your short description

What is an example of an article?
Articles are words that define a noun as specific or unspecific. Consider the following examples: After the long day, the cup of tea tasted particularly good. By using the article, we’ve shown that it was one specific day that was long and one specific cup of tea that tasted good.

How to write an article:
You should be following the steps before writing an article
Step 1. Use a feature image
Step 2. Select only a topic
Step 3. Explanation your topic in your language or English
Step 4. Your post should be something that people will be very interested in reading and after reading your post, the topic on which your post is based should be fully published.

Tags (Writing time): 
01. Heading tag <headline>your heading<headline>
02. Paragraph tag <p>your paragraph<p>
03. Image tag <image>your image name<image>
04. link tag <link>link/text<link>

Step 3

What is a related tag?
Your related tag depends on your content, Your content topics short name is your related tag.

How to write related tag:
Step 1. write your content and select your content topics for 5 times
Step 2. apply that as your related tag

What is a category topic?
The category topic will placed your post in a specific place.

How to find the category topic:
Read your post in its entirety and determine what topic your post is written on. Examples: sports, health, technology, etc.

Step 4

If you need to add more images than the one specified, add them here. Remember that all pictures are below 1 MB.

Special Note:
Add names of the images you want to add, for example: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 (but make sure it matches your written information)

02. Now add a tag to your post where you want these images to appear. example: <image> image name <image> (“Image name” Add the name of the image you want to add here)

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

01. Add Focus Keyword to the SEO title.
02. Add Focus Keyword to your SEO Meta Description.
03. Use Focus Keyword in the URL.
04. Use Focus Keyword at the beginning of your content.
05. Use Focus Keyword in the content.
06. Content should be 600-2500 words long.

07. Use Focus Keyword in subheading(s) like H2, H3, H4, etc..
08. Add an image with your Focus Keyword as alt text.
09. Keyword Density is 0. Aim for around 1% Keyword Density.
10. URL is 27 characters long. Kudos!
11. Link out to external resources.
12. Add DoFollow links pointing to external resources.
13. Add internal links in your content.
14. Set a Focus Keyword for this content.

15. Use the Focus Keyword near the beginning of SEO title.
16. Your title doesn’t contain a positive or a negative sentiment word.
17. Your title doesn’t contain a power word. Add at least one.
18. Your SEO title doesn’t contain a number.

19. You seem to be using a Table of Contents plugin to break-down your text.
20. Add short and concise paragraphs for better readability and UX.
21. Add a few images and/or videos to make your content appealing.


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